A (Gamma) Ray of Hope: Veterinary Cyberknife Shows Promise for Pets with Cancer


Darlene Cook wasn’t expecting a cancer diagnosis when her 10-year-old Golden Retriever Liberty (Libby) began limping. Because Libby had tested positive for Lyme disease in the past, Cook — herself a veterinarian — suspected her dog had relapsed. But MRIs of Libby’s chest, abdomen and bones revealed a different story: Libby had a localized bone cancer called an osseous plasmacytoma, and surgery was not an option.

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Neat as a Pin: How Acupuncture Heals from the Outside In


At 13 years old, both arthritis and cognitive decline were taking a toll on Lucy. The sweet pit bull mix was weak in her hind legs and experiencing periods of mental fogginess that worried her family. But after a few months of an unconventional treatment, Lucy’s legs have strengthened and her family reports fewer time periods during the day when she seems distant. What state-of-the-art medical device brought about this result? As it turns out: the humble needle.

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Interview: Author Laura Coffey


Laura Coffey covers every corner of the world as a writer for TODAY.com, but her biggest story is the one closest to her heart. After a human interest piece she penned about a photographer named Lori Fusaro and her 16-year-old rescue dog went viral in 2013, Coffey became immersed in the cause of senior dog adoption.

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Interview: Actor John O’Hurley


If you’re one of the 22 million people who welcome the winter holidays by tuning into NBC’s National Dog Show on Thanksgiving Day, you’re familiar with the smooth, booming voice of John O’Hurley. The actor—arguably best known for his portrayal of J. Peterman on Seinfeld—has been the face of the Dog Show since its debut in 2002, but his history as a dog lover goes back decades before he hosted the show.

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