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Interview: Radio Star Elvis Duran


For a dog, there’s nothing sweeter than the sound of your pet parent’s voice. When you’re Max Duran, millions of people across America agree with you, too!

That’s because the four-year-old Toy Schnauzer’s dad is Elvis Duran, host of the drive-time radio show Elvis Duran and the Morning Show. Duran is the most-listened to Top 40 morning program host in the country a recent Hollywood Walk of Fame star recipient. More than 10 million listeners in 80 markets hear his voice as the sun comes up each day.

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Fair Game: Pet Safety at Summer Festivals


If there’s one thing to love about summer, it’s all of the fun in the sun at outdoor events. From concerts to fireworks to food truck rallies, there’s no shortage of things to do this season. While many events were not pet-friendly in the past, more and more are opening their doors to the four-footed among us. Here’s what you need to know before you go to keep your dog safe and happy.

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Neat as a Pin: How Acupuncture Heals from the Outside In


At 13 years old, both arthritis and cognitive decline were taking a toll on Lucy. The sweet pit bull mix was weak in her hind legs and experiencing periods of mental fogginess that worried her family. But after a few months of an unconventional treatment, Lucy’s legs have strengthened and her family reports fewer time periods during the day when she seems distant. What state-of-the-art medical device brought about this result? As it turns out: the humble needle.

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