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Interview: NFL Star Danny Shelton


What does it take to make a six-foot-two, 335-pound football player feel safe?  For Danny Shelton, all it takes is a little hound.

The Cleveland Browns defensive lineman can credit workouts like lifting lava boulders in his mother’s native Samoa for his impressive physical strength, but his inner strength has come courtesy of a Pit Bull named Moni.

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Good Things Come in 3(D): How 3D Printing is Helping Pets


Of all of the advances in modern veterinary medicine, 3D printing ranks as one of the most fascinating and versatile new technologies. The process, also known as additive manufacturing, creates a three-dimensional object out of a digital file. This object can be made from an assortment of materials, including plastic, metal, ceramic and even living cells.

Sound like magic? It’s pretty close! 3D printing has been used in veterinary medicine for everything from creating a prosthetic beak for an injured eagle to creating custom wheelchairs for furry friends with mobility issues.

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What’s in a Nudge? Decoding the Language of Noses


When it comes to canine communication, the cues are usually clear. A bark at the door means, “Let me out!” Puppy dog eyes at the dinner table say, “Give me some, too!”  Most of what our pets try to tell us doesn’t need decoding. But what about a bump of the nose?

Besides sniffing backsides and tracking treats, our dogs use their noses to impress a number of messages upon us. Want to know what’s behind the bump? Here’s how to decrypt your dog.

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Interview: “The Dog Guy” David Frei


While most American football fans spend Turkey Day glued to the big games, David Frei—former public relations director for ABC Sports, the Denver Broncos and the San Francisco 49ers—has long upheld a different tradition.

For the last 15 years, Frei has traded pigskin for puppy grins as co-host (with actor John O’Hurley) of The National Dog Show presented by Purina®, which airs on NBC on Thanksgiving Day. His signature warmth, wit and breed expertise have helped garner the show more than 20 million loyal viewers.

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Mass Destruction: Battling Lumps and Bumps in Pets


*Written by Rebecca Risbon, DVM. Article concept and editing by Holly Russel.

If veterinarians are our superheroes, then illness is the villain. And of all the signs of sickness out there, one stands apart as a pet’s arch-enemy: the unidentified mass. As furry friends age, various lumps and bumps can break out on the skin surface and from the tissues under the skin. Some can be completely benign, while others require help from higher places. How do you know when it’s time to put up the Bat-Signal? Here’s veterinary oncologist Dr. Rebecca Risbon’s guide to the Bad Guys.

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