fetch! magazine: we <3 this


grin and bear it

vanilla-scented stuffable “gummy” bears are gentle on the teeth and gums
Ruff Dawg Gummy Bear Dog Toy, $8.54, chewy.com

mint condition
freshen kitty’s kisses and reduce tartar on teeth with this “curiously strong” cat toy
Petstages Fresh Breath Mint Stick, $3.99, wag.com

smell you later
cuddly buddies include pockets for t-shirts or towels to comfort pets with your scent when you’re away
Petlinks System “Scents of Security” Small Dog Toy Bundle, $26.38, petco.com

scratch castle
5 stackable, scratch-able wooden cubes create a climbing tower perfect for perching
Cat Tower, $295, gramercylane.com

whole-leaf aloe vera and rosemary oil chase away fleas and relieve the itchies
DERMagic Anti-Dandruff Dead Sea Salt Scrub, $12.50-$19.95, dermagic.com

hooray for spray!
with flavors like maple bacon or smoky beef ribs, one spritz will cause fits of joy in your friend
Lickeez Pawsitive Reinforcement Spray, $14.95, inthecompanyofdogs.com

toy joy
cute catnip caterpillar will have cats itching for more
Cherry Willow shop’s Catnip Caterpillar Catnip Toy, $10, etsy.com

safe, efficient and easy to use, this trimming tool helps keep pets’ nails up to scratch
FURminator Nail Grinder for Dogs and Cats, $15.99, chewy.com

funny bone
a hollow center for hiding treats encourages curious canines to sniff out some fun
Jolly Pets Brainy Bones Treat Dispensing Dog Toy, $7.86, dog.com